What's it like to live and do business
in the rolling wilderness country of
Ontario's North Hastings County?

New residents and business owners
answer in their own words.

A set of two videos produced for the North Hastings Economic Development Committee

This old Ontario train station is
still alive with memories.

A fundraiser video produced for the Friends of  Maynooth Station

Art isn't about age, it's about vision.

Mini-documentary produced for Shades of Time

Something surprising is going on atop Toronto's Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

A mini-documentary produced for
the Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Before public school teachers can teach Shakespeare in a new way, they have to relearn it themselves.

A trailer for a video on the Teaching Shakespeare program of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival

"Summer Clothes"
Packing away summer means unpacking the hope of spring.

Music video for the album Abandoned Mine
by Chris Hayward

Early every March, people from all over North Hastings in Ontario get together for Cabin Fever, and dance away the cold.

Personal project

Birds at a feeder...and a vision of angels.

Personal work

A soft focus meditation on a day at the beach.

Personal work